Pure Plant Extracts

Extracts made from plants that are fresh, pure, and authentic like nature intended.

Handmade on the farm since 2009 and commonly used for medicinal, personal care, and cosmetic solutions.

Favored by formulators and available to individuals too.

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High-Quality Plants Guaranteed.

Bumbling Acres Farm was born from a passionate connection to plants.. all plants! Including those most call weeds and want to discard. Surely they have a use beyond this plant geek's admiration, right? And so the adventure began of a never-ending exploration and study (bumbling along) of wild plant identification and beneficial uses.  

Plants are magical, but capturing the magic for people to conveniently use can severely compromise the outcomes. Using fresh and high-quality plants is essential. But equally important is the process used to extract the 100’s of compounds in each plant, with the combination of them all being what makes the plant most effective. We have learned over the years that slow and gentle works best. The process cannot be rushed to get concentrated extracts, especially with such purity when made with only 2-3 simple ingredients.

Keeping It Simple