About Bumbling Acres Farm

In the world of natural products, anybody can say anything about what makes the product natural and useful, whether it’s true or not. Unless you have access and lots of money to test with sophisticated scientific equipment, there’s no way to check it. Even then you can’t always know. Modern methods have no way of measuring the magic in plants. Each plant has hundreds, even thousands, of chemical compounds. It’s the interaction of them all along with Mother Nature herself that delivers the delightful magic we’re all after. 

This is what guides me at Bumbling Acres Farm. Making real and concentrated plant extracts, gently by hand, to preserve as much of the plant’s goodness as possible, so you get a great product and grow to respect and trust that’s what you’ll always get here.

My plant extracts are commonly used as medicinal, cosmetic, and personal care solutions. I love plants, and making infused oils, salves, glycerites, and tinctures from them that I wildcraft and grow here on my farm is just pure joy! Everything is handmade in small batches and organic (although not formally certified).

I moved to West Virginia in 2019 to add hemp to the many plants I work with. I grow in a small field while using all the things I’ve learned over the years working with many plants. There are an awful lot of fancy processes, confusing language, and high prices used in trying to sell CBD from hemp. To me, it’s the opposite of what makes good plant medicine. I’ll always keep it simple for you, with pure and concentrated extracts made with respect for the plants and you.

My products are great for individual use and for other companies to use as ingredients in their own products. Packaging is available in 2 oz to 50-gallon sizes. Custom formulas are always welcome. I’ll even grow plants just for you if you need something I may not regularly have.

I adore being in the garden and foraging in the woods and fields. There is no end to the amazing things going on everywhere and the unexpected gifts I bumble on while out there with nature.  

Thanks for visiting Bumbling Acres Farm!

Stacy Myers, CEB (Chief Executive Bumbler)


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